School History

The text below is reproduced with kind permission of Patrick Kirkby and Joan Priestly from their 1997 publication “1897-1997 Horrington… The history of a small Somerset school”. All material remains their copyright.

In the beginning…

Horrington Primary School started life as East Horrington C.E. School, next to the church of St. John in East Horrington, on land donated by the Marquis of Bath in 1838.

The building still exists as a private house but HMI severely criticised the state of the premises in 1885 and 1891. On 21st April 1897 the school was officially opened on its current site.

The school was intended to cater for 80 pupils but numbers reached the magic 100 on June 14th 1904!

Horrington Primary Today

Horrington Primary is very proud of its small village school ethos and of its important role in the life of the community. School events are very much community events and the school is privileged to have an immense amount of parental support in all aspects of its work.

We have four classrooms, two of which are presently Elliott classrooms. The main building includes two purpose built early years classrooms, and the school hall. The Headteacher’s and school office, staff room and Preschool rooms are in the School House. The school has a large playground, large playing field and an early years’ play area with playhouse, an adventure playground and a brand new flexible outdoor learning space.

However, schools are not just buildings. It is the people in them and the people supporting them which make schools happy, healthy and effective.

The school believes in investing in people and has a forward thinking, dedicated team of teachers and support staff to meet its aims, which include: