Curriculum Structure

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Subject Name of plan Link to document
Themes Whole School Curriculum Themes Whole school themes
Planning overviews Medium term plans for each class These can be viewed in the ‘class newsletters and medium term planning’ area of the website or via the class pages
Maths   KS 1/2 Maths Objectives  Objective coverage – Year 1 and 2
 Objective coverage – Year 3 and 4
 Objective coverage – Year 4 and 5
 Objective coverage – Year 5 and 6
Literacy   KS1/2 Literacy Objectives Objectives coverage autumn Years 1-2
Objectives Coverage Spring Years 1-2
Objectives coverage summer Year 1-2
Objectives coverage autumn Year 3_4A
Objectives coverage spring Year 3_4A
Objectives coverage summer Year 3_4A
Objectives coverage autumn Year 5_6A
Objectives coverage spring Year 5_6A
Objectives coverage summer Year 5_6A
Science KS1 curriculum plan  Science curriculum coverage – KS1
KS2 curriculum plan  Science curriculum coverage – KS2
Science skills progression  Science progression in skills
Geography KS1 curriculum plan KS1 Geography curriculum
KS2 curriculum plan KS2 Geography curriculum
Geography skills progression Geography progression in skills
History KS1 curriculum plan History curriculum coverage – KS1
KS2 curriculum plan History curriculum coverage – KS2
History skills progression History progression in skills
Art  Whole school curriculum plan Art curriculum coverage – KS1 and KS2
Art skills progression Art progression in skills
MFL  Curriculum Coverage KS2 MFL curriculum coverage – KS2
MFL skills progression French progression in skills
Computing Computing skills progression Computing progression in skills
RE KS1 curriculum plan RE curriculum coverage – KS1
KS2 curriculum plan RE curriculum coverage – KS2
Skills in RE Skills in RE
PE  Whole school curriculum plan PE curriculum coverage
PE skills progression PE Progression in skills
 PSHE Whole school curriculum plan PSHE curriculum coverage
MUSIC  KS1 curriculum plan Music Yearly overview – KS1
KS2 curriculum plan Music yearly overview – KS2
  Music skills progression Music progression in skills KS1
Music progression in skills KS2
DT  Whole school curriculum plan DT curriculum coverage – KS1 and KS2
DT skills progression DT progression in skills
FOREST SCHOOL Annual Programme 2016/17 Whole school annual programme 2017- 2018