Welcome to the H.S.A!

✴   The H.S.A. would like to take this opportunity to say hello to new parents and explain a little about who we are.

✴   The H.S.A. is the Horrington School Association and is made up of parents from across the school. Its main aim is to raise money for the school (and have fun doing it!).

✴   In recent years the H.S.A. has raised thousands of pounds for the school to use on a wide range of equipment, day trips, theatre trips and additional activities for the children. We liaise with the school via a teacher rep who provides us with requests from the staff.

✴   The H.S.A. has achieved this in all sorts of ways, such as Cake Sales, Christmas Bazaar, Summer Fete, Raffles, Stewarding at Glastonbury Festival, Mufti Days, Ice Cream sales, Movie Nights and Discos for the children, one off events such as quiz nights, and in the summer, a skittles league. New ideas for fund raising are always welcome.

✴   It is run by a committee which must be made up of at least a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, all roles which can be shared. These are usually voted for on an annual basis at the A.G.M. which is usually in October. Anyone can be nominated for any of these roles. Come along and find out what is involved!

✴   Other parents are encouraged to be involved with the committee, either on a regular basis or to help with specific events, whichever suits you best. It is a good way of meeting other parents, and getting to know how the school runs.

✴   Meetings are held as and when they are needed, some are in the daytime, some are in the evening. No one is expected to come to them all. Please let the committee know if you want to help with events, but cannot get to a meeting.

Currently the H.S.A. committee is:

✴   Joint Chair: Rachel Hollands and Emily Keen

✴   Joint vice-chair: Lucy Hall and Martha Gittens

✴   Treasurer: Sarah Watson

✴   Joint secretary: Sam Church

✴   Teacher Rep: Jenny Halliwell and Ruth Jenkins